Review of Ashley Wildcat vs The Queen

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAshley Wildcat vs The Queen – 19 mins

The self-proclaimed “Queen of the Ring” meets the popular internet wrestling sensation, Ashley Wildcat, for a fifteen minute, pins only wrestling match. They begin with an arm wrestling match on the carpet, which Antoinette easily wins. They stand and Ashley says “Whatever!” and challenges Antoinette to enter the ring, but finds herself attacked from behind and put into a tight headlock. Antoinette then tosses the blond into the ring and it’s on! As usual, Antoinette dominates most of this match, taking the first 4 falls with devastating domination. But Ashley’s no stranger to a tough wrestling match and manages to catch the Latina Queen off guard, to takes control and win 2 falls of her own! However, in the end, Antoinette proves too much for the cute blond and destroys her with tons of painful holds, finally finishing her off with a double tombstone piledriver! Once again, The Queen of the Ring continues her lengthy winning streak!

Another beautiful challenger for “The Queen” Antoinette, this time it’s Ashley wildcat. The match goes as expected, with Antoinette doing as she pleases with Ashley for the majority of the match. My favorite thing about Ashley’s selling is all the great faces she makes. Whether winning or losing, Ashley always has an easy to read expression on her face. It gets really great whenever Antoinette has her pinned to the mat or wrenching on a submission hold. We get a lot of pins in this, I like when Ashley is franticly trying to escape, but just can’t. Antoinette closes this one out with a great double piledriver that leaves Ashley out cold, for an uncontested final pin. I always love a great final KO for the easy pin and victory pose, as The Queen wins again. Overall, Ashley is a fantastic jobber. The great expressions from Ashley are what make this one stand out for me.

Overall Score: 8.5/10