Review of Ashley Wildcat TKO Mizz Amanda

Review of Ashley Wildcat ProductionsAshley Wildcat TKO Mizz Amanda – 19 Mins

AshleyAshley takes on Mizz Amanda in this explosive fantasy boxing match. Ashley’s cocky she can take Mizz Amanda down in under a minute, but Mizz Amanda is ready to prove her wrong. Ashley may land more punches but Amanda proves she’s no push over as she takes Ashley abuse and flings it right back at her. With no referee the bitter rivals use a bunch of illegal blows, even mounting and punching one another on the floor! Will Ashley prove she has the claws to back up her teeth or will Mizz Amanda tame the Wildcat?

Got some fun boxing action here, it’s really back and forth action, and both girls get knocked down a lot, but always come up swinging. I am a big fan of both Amanda and Ashely, so watching the go back and forth with the cheap punches and smack talk was fun. After a little while the girls start getting a little exhausted and start trying to cheat even more. Amanda puts up good fight and almost stays even with Ashley to the bitter end, but you can see that she’s was slowly getting a little more exhausted then Ashley. Finally Amanda does end up out cold after a pretty cheap shot from Ashley. If there was a ref or any rules at all, this bout could have gone the other way. It’s a pretty fun fight though, lots of trash talking and never get too serious. I would have loved if there was 10 count to beat, or some close to KO knockdowns, but it’s a still fun and I really enjoyed watch both of these girls go at it.

Overall Score: 8/10