Review of Ashley Wildcat Dominates Keri Spectrum

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Review of Ashley Wildcat ProductionsAshley Wildcat Dominates Keri Spectrum – 8 Mins

keriAshley’s just finished wiping the mats with Keri. She dazed and down when Ashley decides she’s not done tormenting her little ragdoll. Ashley taunts and humiliates a barely conscious Keri, putting her in painful Rear naked chokes, bodyscissors and even forcing her face into Ashley’s ass in mean reverse headscissors. Keri’s not going to be happy when she wakes up.

I like it when a video starts with one girl already defeated. This one opens up the Keri on the mats and already in big trouble. Ashley just continues the beatdown that was already in progress. I like that Keri is pretty much already beaten and can barely even struggle against Ashley’s holds. Ashley plays with Keri dragging her around by her ponytail, bringing her close to unconsciousness and then setting her free, but Keri is so weak a few times she passes out anyway, Ashley just wakes her back up and continues. Keri being one of my favorite jobbers and people, is perfect with her weak struggling and rolling and crossing eyes. It’s always so great to see Keri defeated. Ashley just loves being mean and does her best her to humiliate Keri the whole time with humiliating holds and trash talk. This is a clip is a little on the short side and only because it’s really good, I wish it was at least twice as long. I could watch Keri in a role like this for a long long time.

Overall score: 8.5/10