Review of Ashley vs Cali Knockouts Match

Review of Ashely Wildcat’s Ashley vs Cali Knockouts Match – 9 Mins

Ash CaliCali Logan can’t understand why new girls like Ashley think they have what it takes to be wrestlers. Ashley overhears Cali and is pissed that she would mitigate her skills. Cali, ever so confident, challenges Ashley to a five knockouts match. Within moments Ashley has scored her first knockout. She lets Cali slump to the floor then bats around her face with her bare feet and shoves a toe into Cali’s mouth. This wakes Cali up, but Ashley just pushes her soles onto Cali’s lips demanding a kiss. As Cali tries to get up Ashley throws her into a brutal camel clutch turning Cali a slight shade of blue and knocking her out again. Ashley forces her to worship her feet again, puts her out a third time in brutal headscissors then makes Cali give her kisses from her feet to her butt. Ashley lets Cali stand then shoves her face into her breasts for the final KO!

This is another one of those really good situations where the over confident girl becomes the ultimate jobber. Ashley, pretty easily dominates the once confident Cali. Cali looks so great struggling to stay conscious in Ashley’s holds. Cali’s eyes roll back nicely and Ashley lays Cali flat on her back after she’s out. Ashley’s not satisfied just KOing Cali, she adds lots of humiliation, shoving her feet in Cali’s face and mouth. Cali resists at first, but soon obeys ever command, kissing Ashley’s legs and belly. I think this was a great combination of humiliation and KOs. Someone has to learn how to count though, they said the match was a 5 KOs match, but I only counted four. As amazing as Cali selling is and as good as she looks, I really would have liked one more KO, but definitely not going to take any away this vid for being a KO short.

Overall Score: 9/10