Review of Ashley vs. Amanda Fight 2 – The Rematch

Review of Knockout CatsAshley vs. Amanda Fight 2 – The Rematch – 5.5 mins

Ashley Wildcat returns to Knockout Cats with revenge on her mind, but Amanda Marie is confident that the outcome is going to be the same as their first encounter. There’s no time wasted on introductions in this one. The two girls kick it off by trading some big shots, but an uppercut from Ashley has Amanda in some serious trouble. Ashley capitalizes on Amanda’s weakened state and rocks her with a left, that knocks Amanda to her knees. From here, it’s all Ashley as she dismantles Amanda with more head shots and then a brutal set of body blows, that once again drops Amanda to her knees. No need to wait for her to get to her feet though because there are no rules here at Knockout Cats. The Wildcat delivers lefts and rights to her defenseless prey until there’s nothing left for Amanda to give. Amanda struggles to get up, but it’s no use as she collapses face down on the mat, derrière to the sky. With Amanda now in position, Ashley strikes a victory pose over her knocked out opponent. Well, proper revenge wouldn’t be complete without some post-boxing wrestling now, would it? Luck would have it that Ashley is already aware of this. She discards the gloves and proceeds to bend Amanda in a painful backbreaker that has Amanda not only tapping her submission, but admitting that Ashley is the superior fighter as well. Merciful as she is, Ashley releases Amanda… only to put her in a reverse standing headscissors! And it’s night-night for Amanda. She succumbs to the scissors and lays limp under Ashley’s foot once again. Ashley’s still not satisfied that she has exacted a fair and adequate amount of revenge and so, applies a dragonsleeper. The life just seeps out of Amanda. Ashley lowers her down, managing to combine the dragonsleeper with a backbreaker for a moment, and then finishing her with a dragon sleeper/body scissors combo. Despite her body being in an uncomfortably contorted position, Amanda is able to get her beauty rest. The video closes out with one last victory pose for Ashley, and thus, vengeance has been attained.

The second vid from this quite impassive, new production continues to impress with this rematch of their inaugural video. This one is over really quickly, being only 5 mins long, but is almost the exact opposite of the first vid, with Amanda being the confident one this time, only to be laid out and destroyed by the vengeful Ashley. It starts out with a boxing knockout, leaving Amanda in everyone’s favorite KO pose. Then two more KOs from wrestling holds to put Amanda out for good. We get beautiful reactions from Amanda, the whole way through. Ashley really brings the pain, with the incredible haymakers, tough wrestling holds as she smiles and laughs her way to vengeance. Both these girls are super talented and Knockout Cats did a great job taking advantage of their talents, making sure we got good looks at every KO and victory pose. I think we are at the beginning of something great, you guys better not miss out one this.

Overall Score: 9/10