Review of Ashley vs. Amanda Fight 1

Review of Knockout CatsAshley vs. Amanda Fight 1 – 9.5 mins

Amanda Marie takes on Ashley Wildcat in our inaugural shoot here at Knockout Cats. Ashley’s ready for an easy fight against the smaller Amanda, claiming she’s going to wipe the mats with her and dispose of her in only 30 seconds! That’d make for a pretty short video. Ashley starts off the boxing match with a big overhand right that nearly knocks Amanda to the ground, and it looks like Ashley’s going to make good on her vow. It turns out Amanda’s no pushover though. She retaliates and gives Ashley far more than she received. Ashley’s confidence dwindles quickly as Amanda dominates her in a one-sided romp. Amanda knocks her to the mats repeatedly. She pulls Ashley back to her feet to deliver multiple body blows, and then returns to pummeling her face until the poor girl is knocked unconscious, flat on her back for the 10 count. But Amanda’s not finished. Off come the gloves and Amanda puts Ashley through the wringer, knocking her out with a head scissor and then a sleeper. Amanda awakens her opponent again, dragging Ashley to her feet for some brutal fists to the face that have Ashley taking hits from every direction. Amanda doesn’t even let up when Ashley is laid out on her back. She mounts Ashley and ruthlessly continues the onslaught with some ground and pound until Ashley’s moaning ceases, and she’s out for good. Stick a fork in her, folks, because according to Amanda Marie, “this bitch is done.”

We have a brand new production out there and I’m going to go ahead and let you know now, this new production is looking really promising. This first video released from the brand new Knockout Cats and I already have a lot of good things to say about them. First off, they start off with two well-known names. As most of you should know Ashley Wildcat and Amanda Marie by now. That’s both good and bad, I love these two girls already, that’s great, but I’m always interested in finding that next amazing unknown talent. Next, the setup is perfect. They didn’t take too long intro the girls and set up the match, which is something that way too many productions just plain skip. So, we get a little trash talk and Ashley bragging about how easy the match will be, because she’s bigger then Amanda. You guys know I love my jobber over confident. The action gets going right away and it looks great, once the match starts, the fists start flying and it’s quickly downhill for Ashley. The selling is good, the reactions are a little over the top and both girls really know what they’re doing. We get a couple of really nice KOs and a little overkill action, as Amanda makes sure Ashley is done for. The camera work is good and so is the editing, lighting and sound effects. For a debut of a brand new production, this is a really great first step. I’d point out some of the weak spots, but honestly, they don’t even come close to the amount of strong things and I think they’ll get ironed out on their own. Overall, I have to say, I had some high hopes for this one, just from the previews and they actually surpassed them. I really look forward to the next release for them. If they keep heading in this direction, we can expect some more really awesome stuff in the near future.

Overall Score: 9/10