Review of Ashley Totally Dominates Karma

Review of Dominate DivasAshley Totally Dominates Karma – 11 mins

From a store that seems to master in girls headscissoring guys to near death, comes this FvF, over the top reactions vid. Ashley Wildcat is stretching on the mats, as Karma approaches. Ashley warns Karma about her inpending doom, should she not walk away right now. Karma thinking she is tough enough refuses her chance at freedom and mocks Ashley. Ashley wastes no time taking control of Karma, starting with applying a rear naked choke making Karma pass quickly out and she starts drooling and twitching while Ashley smiles and enjoys her work. Then after a while she wakes up Karma and does more damage locking on one hold after another continuously making Karma pass out over and over, drooling and twitching all the way. Finally, Ashley finishes Karma off one last time, using her own arms to choke her out. Ashley poses with her foot on Karma chest, ending this sexy domination clip.

I never thought of Ashley as “a big heel”, but Karma is such a tiny girl, Ashley is turns into the much bigger heel, who totally destroys the tiny Karma. It takes no time at all for the drooling to start as the 1st KO happens within seconds, then the twitching starts soon after that. From that point on, Ashley does whatever she wants, with plenty of KOs, drooling and twitching the whole way. A few things that kept this from being perfect, some of the KOs are a little short too lived as Ashley is really quick to move to the next move, not really giving Karma time to twitch and drool while out cold. When Karma did wake up, she was a little too quick to gather her wits and even once still tried to fight back against Ashley, I’d like her to stay really dazed and definitely not looking to fight any more. The last KO and victory pose is also really short, that just need to be longer, let us get a good look at the defeated girl on the mats. Otherwise this was a great squash vid, lots of great close up of poor Karma, plenty of drooling, KOs, could be a little more twitching and eyerolling, Karma was really great at it and Ashley was a great, confident and cocky heel. This one is definitely worth checking out for all the twitching and drooling fans.

Overall Score: 9/10