Review of Ashley Real Knockouts

Review of Ashely Wildcat’sAshley Real Knockouts – 3 Mins

real sissiors sssssssVanessa Vilano and Veronika Valentine have agreed to let Ashley squeeze them out for real in a demo of pure leg strength. Both Vanessa and Veronika turn purple as they’re squeezed into unconsciousness before being quickly revived by Ashley. If you ever wanted to see leg scissors knocking someone out for real you’ll love this clip.

This one is super short, too short, for me. Of course it’s a simple vid, no set up at all as both Vanessa and Veronika make good expressions before they pass out. Vanessa even gives us full white eyes during the scissors. It does take a little while for the girls to pass out, so we do get to see them struggle for a bit. But this one is over before you know it, but if the does interest you, its super cheap, because it’s super short. Unfortunately, it’s just too short for me, it’s over before it gets fun.

Overall score 6/10