Review of Ashley Plays Dirty

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Ashley Plays Dirty – 16 Mins

AshleyRick enters the FWR dressing room to find Ashley Wildcat prepping for her match against Madison. Ashley heard that Madison’s reverse figure four head scissors is deadly and has a plan in case she gets caught in it. She persuades Rick to take a syringe that has “a little something special” in it that will help even the odds if indeed Ashley does get caught in Madison’s crushing finisher. It takes a little begging from Ashley, but Rick eventually agrees to help because Madison’s been getting a bit too cocky about her victories lately! We fade in to Ashley entering the ring for her match … the girls square up and the action is back and forth at first, including a seldom seen reversal of dragon sleepers, but Madison proves to be the stronger woman and  Ashley finds herself trapped in Madison’s powerful thighs. Ashley franticly reaches out to Rick for the syringe as her cute face is being squashed in the reverse figure four head scissors! As promised Rick hands it to Ashley and she empties it right into Madison’s butt cheek!! Madison instantly releases Ashley as she loses all her strength. Unable to move, Madison is barely conscious as Ashley takes a second to catch her breath, and then she’s on the attack. Madison is so close to being unconscious she can only weakly moan as Ashley puts her in a Camel Clutch, a body scissors, an arm bar, several different head scissor variations, a leg nelson, and a final reverse figure four head scissors that gives Madison a taste of her own medicine! The strong FWR superstar goes weaker and weaker as she finally loses consciousness. Ashley takes the victory and poses over the fallen Madison as she thanks Rick for the assist. We hope Madison doesn’t see what really happened in the match or our humble producer is gonna be in some BIG trouble!

I had a feeling that this one was going to be pretty good as soon as I saw the setup, because you knew Ashley was going to get trapped soon enough. What I didn’t expect was how much that little something special was going to affect Madison. As soon as Ashley emptied that syringe, Madison is instantly turned nearly into a ragdoll, she can barely even move and can only moan in pain as Ashley easily dominates her. I mean Madison struggles a little bit, but definitely nowhere near escaping any of the holds or putting up any fight. I’ve been really loving Madison and it was awesome to see her like this, even being finished off with her favorite hold. Madison is definitely building a reputation of being a tough opponent, I wouldn’t be upset if more of her weaker opponents had a little something for her too.

Overall score: 9.5/10