Review of Ashley Dominates Allie

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Review of Ashley Wildcat ProductionsAshley Dominates Allie – 9 Mins

AllieAshley Wildcat and Allie Parker are decked out in lingerie as they grapple in a pro wrestling ring! Allie comes in confident she can take Ashley but the results spell a different story as she’s thoroughly thrashed by the Wildcat. Ashley forces Allie into all sorts of humiliating holds from camel clutches to reverse headscissors and makes her plead for mercy. Ashley only mocks Allie’s begging and puts into dreamland with a powerful rear naked choke before posing over her KO’d prey.

This may be the fastest I’ve ever seen someone go from talking tough to screaming their submission, which was great. Allie changes her mind about this match almost instantly. Not long after the first hold is locked in Allie starts tapping out and spends the rest of the match begging Ashley to stop. Of course Ashley just loves every minute of it, milking of for all its worth. It’s not a long video, but there ladies both looks awesome. It ends with a nice KO, a leg hook pin and victory pose. This is another nice vid that I would have liked to see a little longer. The sexy lingerie is a great and I loved the fishnets. Allie is a great jobber and I loved watching Ashley torture her.

Overall score: 8.5/10