Review of Anything Goes: Peyton vs Maryjane

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Peyton vs Maryjane – 12.5 Mins

maryjaneWe join Maryjane in the dressing room as she prepares for her upcoming “Anything Goes” match against Peyton. She made a BIG mistake in a previous match against Becca by not allowing any weapons to be brought into the match so this time she comes prepared with a metal pan so she can “knock Peyton out of her boots!” She heads to the ring and awaits Peyton, who enters carrying a black jack. Maryjane complains, saying only one foreign object was agreed upon and Peyton giggles and says that her black jack is her lucky charm and agrees to leave it outside the ring. So … enough lead in information! Peyton enters the ring and the action quickly begins with a hair pulling catfight! But Maryjane gets the advantage and dominates Peyton with low blows, corner work, head scissors, and snap mares. But Peyton manages to fight back and gets Maryjane on the defense with knee strikes to the chin, her own spectacular head scissors, a surfboard, and camel clutch! But when she goes for a boston crab, Maryjane manages to kick out and end up on top in a schoolgirl pin (with head smashes to the mat!) When Maryjane finally knocks Peyton out in a reverse figure four scissors, she goes for a simple one finger on chest pin … but Peyton wakes up and kicks out! The beauties then decide to duke it out and a double punch leaves both girls unconscious! Peyton wake up first and SMASHES the baking pan into Maryjane’s head, making her hear birdies and going out for the final pin! BUT WAIT! There’s MORE!! Peyton leaves and Maryjane wakes up and hides at ringside. Peyton comes back for her “lucky charm” (the black jack) and Maryjane SMASHES her in the face with the pan, knocking her out! Maryjane puts Peyton in a sexy matchbook pin and then drags her unconscious body back to the dressing room, telling our producer “I’ll let YOU decide who won this match!”

The anything goes series continues to improve and impress. I’ve been loving the story with Maryjane in the recent ones and of course the outfits are also a favorite for me. Maryjane, who is definitely “one to watch” and quickly becoming a favorite of mine, brings the fight to one of my FWR favorites, Peyton. Both girls have their fair share of time in control and suffering some pretty great KOs, especially the double KO. I really enjoyed the flow of this battle, as it feels natural when the tide turns back and forth and the comical tone of the whole match is great. I love the use of the weapons and both girls make great reactions and hearing birds when hit with the pan. The set up for Peyton to come back on into the ring area after official winning the match was perfect, I didn’t see that coming, but really glad it did. Also, Maryjane dragging the KO’d Peyton away in the end was a nice change of pace. This one is arguably the best anything goes vid yet and has me excited to see where it goes next.

Overall score: 9.5/10