Review of Anything Goes: Peyton vs Lilith

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Anything Goes: Peyton vs Lilith – 11 Mins

PeytonWe join Peyton in the dressing room looking forward to her first “Anything Goes” match. But the young brunette is nervous because she has never met Lilith. We inform her that she’s allowed to use a blackjack in this match if things go wrong so she heads to the ring. The bell rings and the beauties engage in a test of strength that Lilith immediately turns into a painful hammerlock followed by a full nelson. Poor Peyton is shocked and helpless as she’s dropped with a clothesline then given an atomic drop! Several low blows on the ropes and in the corner, as well as a nasty crotch spread into the ring post causes the small girl intense pain, until Lilith gets cocky and starts bragging to the camera. Peyton uses this opportunity to sneak up behind Lilith and SMASH the blackjack into her crotch!! A few well-placed knees to the chin has Lilith knocked out with her butt in the air! But Peyton isn’t finished yet and attacks the stunned Lilith with a front head scissors and a figure four school girl pin. Lilith is finally finished off with a hard bare fisted punch to the jaw and a cute split pin, making little Peyton the winner of this fun wrestling match!

You just can’t go wrong with Peyton and Lilith, add in an anything goes match and some beautiful one pieces and boots, and you got yourself a winner. Peyton is one of my favorites at FWR and Lilith is right there with her. So I was really happy to see them both get a little time on the losing side in this one. The amount of low blows and the blackjack attacks by Peyton, really bring home the “anything goes” rules. Lilith does manage to steal the show with some great reactions and couple of great knockouts. The best part being as the tide turns. Lilith is mouthing off to the camera about how easy Peyton is, while Peyton grabs her handy blackjack and with a huge swing, puts in right between the uprights, taking the wind out of her sails and flooring Lilith. Then Peyton adds another blow to the top of her head, knocking her out in everyone’s favorite KO pose. It’s was a great way to turn the tide and a great match overall. I really love when weapons come into play for these matches, it just makes them all just that much better.

Overall Score: 9/10