Review of Anything Goes: Mindy vs Layla

Review of Anything Goes: Mindy vs Layla

A baking pan and a black jack are placed in opposite corners as Mindy and Layla meet center ring for the rules. This is some sort of qualifying match for a 3 way, all blonds match vs Becca. Right away, Layla starts off dirty with a quick low blow that leads to series of tight scissors. Layla soon goes for the black jack to bring this to an end, but Mindy isn’t done. Mindy fights back and takes control here, with a few punches and some scissors of her own. Mindy gets ready to KO Layla, but an Uppercut comes out of no where that puts Mindy on dream street. Layla finally finishes off the stronger Mindy by hitting her with the baking pan, giving her the easy pin for the win.

I love that there were some weapons added to the mix of this series. Its been called Anything goes for a long time, but i haven’t felt like this series hasn’t taken advantage of the no rules aspect till now. Also, most of the vids have Carrie and she always won, in this one i didn’t know what to expect. So that surprise uppercut caught me off guard too. I love when something like that happens. I’m a huge fan out these outfits, I love those boots. The selling is good, both Layla and Mindy look great trapped in a scissors. Overall, a great, fun to watch vid, lots of scissors, not too many KOs, but I really enjoyed it.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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