Review of Anything Goes: Carrie vs Mai Mao

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Carrie vs Mai Mao – 12 Mins

The lovely Carrie brings her A game to this anything goes match against the visiting Mai Mao! It’s a one sided destruction with Carrie tossing Mai all over the place and using holds that debilitate her beautiful opponent! A full nelson, snap mares, clothesline, abdominal stretch, over the knee backbreaker, kneeling chin lock, Japanese strangle hold, corner work, face slaps, surfboard, camel clutch, Boston crab, and a sexy grapevine pin shows that Carrie has brought her FULL arsenal of wrestling holds with her! Poor Mai hasn’t got a chance and finally gets put in the corner for Carrie’s favorite uppercut punch knockout! Mai hears birdies s her eyes roll, then she drops to the mat to be pinned by cute little Carrie! It looks like another one bites the dust!

This was a little different then, I think, all the other Anything Goes vids, as it was 100% one sided. I love Carrie as a jobber, so I do look forward to her losing a bit at the beginning of these, but Carrie totally squashing Mai is not a problem, because she is always so bubbly and cute, yet cruel at the same time and I just love watching her like that. Mai did great as the jobber in this one, as about half way through, she makes it pretty clear that she didn’t have a clue what was going on any more, letting Carrie dominate with no resistance, at all. I’m also always happy with the outfits in these, because the always wear the converse boots and that’s always worth some extra points from me. Overall, it’s a nice squash, where the tiny bubbly Carrie totally overpowers the larger Mai Mao.

Overall Score: 8.5/10