Review of Anything Goes: Carrie vs Lilith

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Carrie vs Lilith – 20 Mins

Carrie Carrie enters the ring, blackjack in hand, and Rick is quick to inquire why she has a weapon with her. Carrie tell Rick that she’s heard that Lilith is a dirty fighter. But since this is an anything goes match, Rick allows Carrie to keep her weapon. Just then Lilith rushes in and before the cautious blonde can use her blackjack, the so called dirty fighter drops her with a low blow and goes on the attack. Several knees to the face, a low blow against the ring post, low blow knee strikes in the corner, a couple of head scissors, head slams into the turnbuckle, low blow uppercuts against the ropes, and a sleeper hold that almost puts Carrie out! But the feisty blond is able to fight out of the sleeper and trap Lilith in a Camel Clutch and a Boston Crab. Lilith isn’t giving up yet as she powers out of the Boston Crab, sending Carrie flying head first into the bottom turnbuckle. Lilith quickly grabs the blackjack and hits Carrie over the head. Carrie hears birdies as she spins around before dropping to the canvas, out cold. Lilith gets the pin, telling Rick that this was easy and if Carrie wants a rematch, she’ll be in the dressing room. A little while later Carrie stumbles to her feet and instantly demands a rematch. Rick tells Lilith, who excitedly agrees. Lilith rushes back into the ring and after a swift low blow kick, goes right for the blackjack again, but Carrie blocks her swing, delivering a head butt that dazes Lilith enough for Carrie to take control. Carrie dominates with an airplane spin, a crotch pull against the ring post, a splash in the corner, the patented Fem Wrestling Rooms Speed Bag Facial, Carrie’s signature corner headscissors and Bronco Buster, knees to the crotch, knees to the chin, several headscissors, a booty bump to the face, and a final windmill uppercut that knocks Lilith out cold. Carrie goes for her split pin and another one bites the dust as Carrie counts to ten. Carrie isn’t quite done yet as she carries Lilith back the dressing room entrance and with another massive uppercut sends Lilith crashing in. Carrie joyfully skips off as Rick checks to where Lilith ended up …. sprawled out on the couch!!

This one may be from the vaults, but this is still an instant classic. A lot of these anything goes matches, we get to see Carrie lose for a little bit and then she comes back to win, but in this extra-long, two part version we actually get to see Carrie dominated for a while and even defeated. Carrie as always, is a great seller and really hams up her performance. I love the middle section of this vid where Carrie is trying to get back to her feet and she fails at first ending up in the darri-air position for moment. Not to be out done, Lilith is also quite the seller and in her the rematch does all she can to match Carries performance and honestly meets it. Then this one is topped off with an added insult to injury as Carrie launches Lilith into the dressing room with a powerful punch laying her out on the couch, then skips off. This is a two for one special with both girls giving us a hell of show, with great reaction and plenty of KOs along the way.

Overall Score: 9.5/10