Review of Anything Goes: Carrie vs Kymberly Jane

Review of Anything Goes: Carrie vs Kymberly Jane

Carrie’s in the ring getting ready to fight yet another brunette. Enter, Kymberly Jane, Carrie’s next opponent. The “Queen of Brunettes” says that she is here to beat up a little blond girl that KO’d all her friends. With that Kym attacks Carrie tossing her all over the ring, than begins to slap her around and bounce her head off the turnbuckle. This gives Kym the chance to use the steel post against Carrie. A great hand full of face punches topped of with an uppercut KO’s Carrie and Kym steps back to let Rick count her out. Carrie manages to stumble back to her feet, still quite punch drunk. In her drunken stupor, Carrie accidentally back hands Kym, knocking her out cold, than Carrie falls on top. Carrie takes a second to come back to her senses and than realizes that she’s now in control. From her on out Carrie delivers the kind of beating that we have all gotten pretty used to seeing from Carrie against all these visiting brunettes. Carrie tortures Kym with a boston crab, camel clutch, head scissors and a bunch of other things including picking Kym up on her shoulders for an airplane spin. In the and the traditional uppercut puts Kym down for the count and Carrie takes her split pin and victory pose before leaving Kym out in the middle of the ring.

Kym is an all time favorite of mine. She always seems like she’s a really fun person, just to be around and She can sell with the best. These anything goes matches are always fun because Carrie always starts on the losing side than fights back. This time it didn’t take Carrie too long to get control, but i loved the way it happened. What a great way to turn the tide of the match. It was jaw dropping to see Carrie pick up Kym like that. Its clear that Kym has the weight advantage over Carrie and it was crazy to see the tiny Carrie pick up Kym. I sit her now still in shock. Of course in the end I love the overselling of the uppercut as Kym makes silly faces and stumbles around before going out cold. I just love over selling like that. Oh and let me add, i love the boots, those kind of boots always get a little plus from me. Overall another great match and performance from both Carrie and Kym Jane.

Overall Score: 9/10


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