Review of Anything Goes: Carrie vs Jenny

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Carrie vs Jenny – 12 mins

Jenny, having been defeated by Kyoko in an earlier match, paces in the ring, waiting for her to show up for a rematch. However, Carrie enters the ring saying that Kyoko couldn’t make it and asked her to take her place. Jenny, not too happy, attacks tiny Carrie and tosses her all over the ring. Carrie finds herself in a hammerlock, head lock, fireman’s carry, body slams, snap mares, and head smashes into the turnbuckles. Groggy and dazed, Carrie can offer little resistance to Jenny’s superior power until Jenny opens herself up for the tiny blonde’s surprise uppercut! Carrie gains her wits and goes after the much larger Jenny with a body splash, snap mare, head scissor, surfboard, grapevine, camel clutch, and corner head scissors. When Carrie slams Jenny with several bronco busters in the corner the big woman actually goes unconscious, surprising little Carrie. A split pin ends this encounter as Carrie does her cute victory poses and exits to the dressing room. We fade out but it’s not over yet as we fade back in to find Carrie emerging from the dressing room in her street clothes to find Jenny STILL knocked out in the ring. As Carrie looks on, Jenny stirs, sits up and says “Please … no more midgets! Bring me someone my own size to wrestle!”, rolls her eyes and passes out again, then Carrie gleefully skips away, leaving Jenny sleeping in the ring.

Carrie again goes up against an opponent that most would assume could easily beat her, but Jenny has been having a pretty hard time beating the tiny girls. Again that problem rings true for Jenny as she loses control versus Carrie, about 25% thought their match, then Carrie totally dominates the rest of the match, in the really cute and fun way that only Carrie can. Just like “Becca Takes the Belt,” this one is still unbelievable even after seeing it happen, although just as fun to see. The match is pretty simple as Carrie can’t do anything too crazy to Jenny and Jenny does seem quite out of place losing to Carrie, but she sells it as best she can anyway. Carrie looks super sexy in this outfit and I’d love to see her lose in it, maybe one day. I love really how Carrie comes back on her way out of the building and Jenny is still lying there, but wakes up just long enough to plea with Rick to not put her against tiny girls anymore, definitely had to laugh at that, great idea for an ending. Overall, as much as I love the big powerful girls being the monster heels they should be, it’s kind of fun to see them try their hands at being jobbers.

Overall Score: 8.5/10