Review of Anything Goes: Carrie vs Daniela

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Carrie vs Daniela – 11.5 mins

We’ve seen Daniela in action a few times, but this one dates back to her very first visit here at FWR when she met Carrie in the ring for her first ever wrestling match. Carrie enters and tells Daniela that she’s the official greeter at FWR, but instead of shaking hands with the tall Russian beauty, Carrie slugs her in the jaw! Daniela responds with her own punch, staggering little Carrie. Dazed and in the corner, Carrie receives face slaps, punches and even a speedbag facial before dropping to the mat to endure the long legged model’s various head scissor holds! But when Daniela allows Carrie a quick breather in a front face scissors, she gets a head butt right in the crotch from our tiny blond that turns the tide of this battle! Carrie then takes over with a few more low blows before working over the visiting girl with several painful wrestling moves and her signature corner head scissors and bronco buster. A final uppercut makes Daniela see stars before dropping to the mat unconscious for Carrie’s nice leg hook pin!

Man, you just got to love Carrie, especially in roles like this, she’s just so bubbly and silly, it’s very entertaining. As these matches normally go, Carrie gets beaten up a bit early in the match, which I always fun to see because Carrie is such a showmen and is always a little extra silly. Then soon she takes over and Daniela is in for a bruising. Daniela is tall and lean and looks really great in her simple outfit. It’s the 1st time I’ve seen Daniela in a jobber role and I think she did good. I really just love her look, like the final pin and seeing her KO’d at the end was really great. Overall, this one is simple, and I like it. It’s always great to see Carrie, not matter what she’s doing, but especially when she’s being silly like this and I wish Daniela wasn’t a visitor, it would be really nice to see her, and hear her accent, more often.

Overall Score: 9/10