Review of Anything Goes: Carrie vs Cheyenne Rematch

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Carrie vs Cheyenne Rematch – 10 mins

Cheyenne is pissed, Carrie knocked her out in their last “Anything Goes” match and the visiting fem wrestler plans to get even. When Carrie innocently enters the ring, Cheyenne plows a few deep belly punches into her and then knocks her out with a huge uppercut. Not content to simply take the win, Cheyenne decides to have some fun with her smaller opponent. Some punches on the ropes end with Carrie flying out of the ring where Cheyenne joins her to apply a fireman’s carry and airplane spin. Tossed back into the ring, the groggy blond is subjected to several head scissors. Thinking that Carrie is done for, Cheyenne opens her legs and gets a nasty surprise low blow head butt from the recovering beauty. Carrie finally takes control with a few more low blows to Cheyenne as she hangs on the ropes, followed by head smashes in all four corners, a body splash, a corner scissors and bronco buster, and Carrie’s signature uppercut that makes the dazed and confused Cheyenne hear birdies before Carrie counts her out with a few more face punches, giving Carrie the easy win … again
I just love the way Carrie flies around as Cheyenne is kicking her butt, there it always just feels so silly. Cheyenne gets to flex her muscles a bit while tossing Carrie around and squeezing her head in a plenty of scissors, which is all great to watch as Carrie is always an amazing seller. Carrie shows us she’s not afraid to get dirty to get the win. As a great number low blows turn the tide in her favor. Cheyenne sells great, really crying out in pain and seeing her eyes cross and roll after Carrie’s trademark uppercut was awesome. Love the outfits, as the one piece and boots have both girls looking stunning. Overall, although this one isn’t too innovative, the girls put on a hell of show and make it a ton of fun to watch.

Overall Score: 8.5/10