Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Stacie

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Becca vs Stacie – 10 Mins

BeccaThanks to the sharp eyes of a fan we realized that this custom video got lost in our files and was never released! We dug around, finally found it, and have put it up for your enjoyment! We begin with a cute (and younger) Becca discussing how she could NEVER be as mean as her friend in a wrestling match. As she’s talking, Stacie sneaks in the ring behind her and smashes her on the head with a black jack! Becca drops and Stacie mounts her to do an easy 10 count … with big punches to pretty Becca’s chin! But Stacie gets cocky and stops at 9 because she wants to have more evil fun! A mule kick sends a staggering Becca into the corner for a corner scissors and a bronco buster. Then the blond is posted in the opposite corner, body splashed, face slapped, and low blowed!! More punishment brings poor little Becca to her knees for some jaw smashing knee lifts! But when Stacie puts the young rookie in the corner and tells her that she’s nothing but a jobber, Becca comes to life! “NO ONE CALLS ME A JOBBER!!!” she yells as she attacks the shocked red head! Snap mares, scissors, knee drops to the crotch, an impressive fireman’s carry and airplane spin have Stacie dizzy and confused! Becca does a “speedbag facial” to her then finishes her off with a double fisted heart punch that has Stacie hearing birdies! This match goes to lovely little Becca as she pins Stacie for the 10 count! When it’s all over Becca suddenly realizes that she does indeed have a nasty side! We think this match might have been the turning point in our famous blonde’s fighting style! She’s always going to be sweet but after this match she learned how to dig deep for her “dark” side … ha ha!

It’s fun sometimes when these videos get lost for a while to get released later. This one gives is a flashback to before Becca was a veteran and Stacie, who was, tried to get the best of her. It’s a fun video, like the other anything goes matches. We get some good silly reactions from both Becca and Stacie, with nice eye crossing and silly faces, although I think only Stacie gets the birdie sound effects. Stacie plays really dirty going for many low blows, Becca does get a little payback before the final KO. Becca has always been outstanding one both sides of a match and this is definitely the perfect example of that. It’s kind of funny to look back at Becca, when she could clam to not have a mean side and we actually believe her. That just wouldn’t fly nowadays!

Overall score 9/10