Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Maryjane

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Anything Goes: Becca vs Maryjane

MARY JWe join cute little Maryjane in the dressing room to inform her that she’s going to have an “anything goes” match with Becca. She doesn’t understand what that is, so we explain that the girls can use foreign objects do defeat their opponents. Maryjane is worried about Becca’s experience and doesn’t want that element in the match, and thinks that her punches could do the trick in beating Becca. So, off to the ring we go to join Becca. Our blond bomber immediately gets Maryjane in a hammerlock, full nelson, and a headlock. She smashes Maryjane’s head on the turnbuckle and throws her all over the ring! A few face slaps, a speedbag facial, a fireman’s carry, and several low blows on the ropes has the little brunette woozy and dizzy. She drops to her knees and unknowingly crawls right into Becca’s standing head scissors! A camel clutch and front head scissors follows before Becca goes for a schoolgirl pin. But before she counts “10”, Becca stops and decides to have more fun with Maryjane! She places her in a reverse head scissors to squeeze more life out of the moaning girl and then start to pull her up by the hair when Maryjane suddenly comes to life and throws an elbow into Becca’s belly! A quick couple of snap mares has Becca staggering and a massive uppercut has Becca falling flat out, unconscious! A joyful Maryjane pins her in a schoolgirl/matchbook pin and WINS the match! Maryjane leaves for the dressing room and we see Becca wake up, realizing what happened. She sneaks out of the ring a grabs a frying pan by the ring and calls into the dressing room to Maryjane … “Come out so I can congratulate you on a nice victory!” Maryjane opens the door to get smashed in the face with the pan! Becca carries her over the shoulder back to the ring, mounts her, and punches her out while counting to 10 in French. It looks like Maryjane will allow weapons in her next anything goes match!

This is was a really fun way to add a little something cool to this anything goes match. I expected Becca to lose, because who doesn’t want to see that? And she started out in control, so most of the time she loses if she starts out in control. Maryjane looks great losing in the first half and also does a great job winning in the second. Becca of course is flawless the entire time. The outfits of course are great, love the one pieces, boots combo and Becca’s is new and really nice. The coolest thing is this one is ending, I love that Becca gets back up, after losing the match, fools Maryjane into opening the door and smacks her in the face with a frying pan. Maryjane gives us an awesome reaction before Becca carries her back to the ring to finish her off. Although Maryjane did win the official match, Becca gets the last laugh and in great fashion. A fun match overall and an awesome unexpected ending.

Overall Score: 9.5/10