Review of Anything Goes: Becca vs Layla

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Becca vs Layla – 13 mins

Layla tells us that she’s hoping to be one of the toughest blondes at FWR. Becca enters, wearing a hot red leotard and black fishnets. She confuses Layla by doing cartwheels around her, then plowing punches into her face, sending her to the corner and knocking her out. Becca then proceeds to drag the sleeping Layla to the center of the ring for some crushing head scissor action. The fishnets bite into Layla’s neck as Becca taunts her, moving to another scissor hold. Then in a showing off her amazing strength, Becca lifts Layla into a fireman’s carry. Becca continues her domination with some low blows on the ropes, a surfboard, boston crab, and camel clutch. But just as Becca is finishing her off with a sleeper, Layla comes to life and escapes. Becca gets pissed, throws Layla to the corner and tries to splash her, but Layla moves out of the way and lets Becca hit the corner. Layla adds a few more head slams into the turnbuckle and that has Becca totally dazed. Layla snap mares the beauty and slaps her thighs around her head in a reverse head scissor hold that makes Becca even more out of it. A few well-placed knees to the chin drop Becca. Layla picks up a pan that was placed in the corner and accidently hits Becca in the face with it while trying to explain to us what he was going to do with it. Layla does one final punch to the jaw that puts Becca out for the pin. Poor Becca tries to get up after Layla has left, but she’s still so dazed, she passes out again. Rick decides to help her out by carrying her out of the ring area.

These Anything Goes matches keep getting better, I’m really happy with this vid in so many ways. 1st the outfits are an awesome choice for both girls. I love that Becca was in total control for so long, but Layla turns brakes out of the sleeper by stomping on Becca’s foot and takes advantage of Becca missing the corner splash and turning the match quickly in her favor. Then, the accidental face smash with the cookie sheet, works great. Layla, not wanting to take the victory for the accidental face smash, so she adds a punch to the face, even though Becca was pretty much out cold anyway. She followed that with a nice, proud pin, over the KO’d Becca and lastly, Becca trying to pick herself up, but fails, passing back out and Rick carries her away. Those are the highlights folks, which is pretty much the whole match and that’s my point. It all works great, it’s all sold perfectly, I love the way the match unfolds and how quickly the tide gets turned on Becca. This vid very well done, exciting and entertaining, can’t go wrong picking this one guys.

Overall Score: 9/10