Review of Antoinette’s Agony

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAntoinette’s Agony – 16 Mins

AntoinetteWe knew that Antoinette and Mystique were eager to go at it so we wasted no time in getting this match started! We rang the bell and they immediately locked up, showing how equal they were in strength! But Antoinette pulled her adversary down into a headlock then tossed Mystique into the ropes for a powerful clothesline! A surfboard, standing scissors, snap mares, and a crossed leg arm scissor had Mystique begging for mercy! But the true veteran of women’s professional wrestling was found in Mystique as she SLAMMED her forearm in between Antoinette’s legs, stopping the bikini clad beauty in her tracks! From that point on, Mystique becomes the heel that she’s known to be, as she grabbed the ankles of the downed beauty and stomped her several times in the crotch to keep Antoinette weakened and in pain. A knee choke, body slam, camel clutch, atomic drop, over the knee back breaker, corner work with low blows, illegal crotch pull into the corner post, forearm chops on the ropes, torture rack, and a tree of woes in the corner all served to debilitate the busty beauty for the final demolition. Mystique finishes Antoinette off by trapping her arms in the ropes to deliver lots more low blows then traps her in the corner for a “shattered dreams”! A final body splash, leg hook pin, and humiliating double fisted smash to the crotch gives Mystique the victory in this awesome match!

It’s the age old question, what happens when the immoveable object meets the unstoppable force? Well, which ever one you picked to be Antoinette, gets completely destroyed. It’s a fitting conclusion too, as Antoinette ending up laid out cold on the mats has recently become less of a rarity and I find myself liking it more and more every time. I used to never want to see Antoinette lose and now I look forward to it. I think this match as some coincidental release timing too, as not long ago, I mentioned that no one at FWR has the strength to toss Antoinette around like SK can. Well, turns out, I might have forgotten about Mystique, who easily body slams and torture racks Antoinette, as well as delivers many, many devastating low blows. It’s a brutal beatdown, like we have come to expect from both these girls really, but especially from Mystique and a great selling from Antoinette. Really get used to her losing and I’m loving it.

Overall Score: 9/10