Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldANTOINETTE meets the KID: THE REMATCH – 15 mins

We catch an angry Antoinette Soto delivering a statement against all SKW wrestlers. We then fade in on SK replying to Miss Soto’s statements in the FWR ring when she suddenly sneak attacks him! She stomps him down and beats him up against one of the turnbuckles, but a sudden Irish Whip reversal sends her into the opposite corner instead. Antoinette is stunned as SK proceeds to deliver kicks and punches that collide with her exposed belly. A standing foot choke follows, as well as one heck of a repeat beatdown for Soto at the hands of the Kid! After an epic squash, Anoinette is left dangling, unconscious, from the FWR ring ropes. Is this the END of their rivalry?   Who knows?

Antoinette, who is most of the time in complete control when it comes to her matches at FWR, she is again totally dominated by The Kid, in her second attempt to take him down. I love Antoinette as the heel, but just as a change of pace, it’s nice to see her getting destroyed. Best thing about this vid is that it’s has SK in it, and with him comes a style of domination we don’t ever get to see Antoinette put through because there’s no one with the strength of SK in FWR. So we get to see Antoinette put through a nice list of moves some which no one at FWR could pull off and not even one headscissors, which is just downright weird being in the FWR ring. Anyway, it’s a fun vid, with a combo that we only get to see when SK goes to FWR or if Antoinette ever comes to SKW, which again turns out into a pretty great one-sided video. So don’t miss out on this rare domination.

Overall Score: 8.5/10