Review of Antoinette Conquers Carrie

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAntoinette Conquers Carrie – 27 Mins

CarrieFrom the Carrie archives comes another great match featuring the much enjoyed “Queen Antoinette” series. We open the video with the girls on the carpet having an arm wrestling match. Obviously, Antoinette wins, but this prompts Carrie to challenge her rival to a “most pins in 20 minutes” wrestling match. After Antoinette removes her high heels, she attacks Carrie outside the ring then throws her in for a dominating session of body slams, one legged scissors, stomps, shoulder carries, leg drops, and other holds that lead to a two fall lead. But as you know, Carrie isn’t one to go down without a fight and she manages to surprise Antoinette in round three to get the larger beauty down with a belly punches and leg drops. From there, Carrie gets Antoinette into the corner for some belly punishment, a head scissors, and a bronco buster! A snap mare gets her opponent down and before you know it, Carrie takes a huge lead with three falls to two! But Carrie’s size deficiency and Antoinette’s pure muscle soon bring this match to a close with poor Carrie unconscious outside the ring on the floor. You’ll love the final domination that Carrie suffers before her eventual defeat!

Times like this is when I’m glad that some videos don’t great released for a while. It’s always great to see another Carrie vid released. As far as the action goes, there’s nothing too out of the ordinary here. Starts out with some arm wrestling, then Antoinette starts out in control, tossing the very light Carrie around easily. Carrie gains control after not too long and keeps control for much long then I expected and I think, longer than anyone in the past. I rather have more of Carrie on the losing end, because she’s such an outstanding jobber. So the more she’s losing, the better for me. Eventually, Antoinette quits playing around and takes control back, soon finishing off Carrie in great fashion, leaving her out cold right where the video started. So, if you’re a fan of this series, then you’ll love this. Carrie is not only a great jobber, but very entertain and Antoinette, although she spent a good amount of time on the losing side, reigns supreme in the end.

Overall Score: 8/10