Review of Annie Cruz Mixed Boxing (Loss)

Review of Annie Cruz Mixed Boxing (Loss)

Darrius is in the ring again, this time in a boxing match vs Annie Cruz. Annie is angry with Darrius for beating up his girl friends and she aims to teach him a lesson. Round one is pretty much all Darrius in control. He beats Annie pretty well and even comes up with her top in his glove at end, which of course he taunts her about. Round 2 is much more even as both contender end on the mat a number of times and Darrius ends up having to pick himself up off the mat at the end of the round. Round 3 is the some story, more back and forth action, with Darrius being the last one the hit the mat. Round 4 and Darrius suddenly gets his act together, totally dominates Annie and soon enough laying her down for the count. Before leaving, Darrius makes Annie admit who the winner is. Than leaves her to rest up.

So, to know ones surprise, rounds 1 and 4 were my favorites. I love when Darrius is dominate. Annie is a great seller. Lover how she sold each impact and overall exhaustion. Of course when you have Darrius you’re going to get some trash talk, him and Annie go back and forth and some of it is pretty funny. I would have like total domination from Darrius but this wasn’t bad.

Overall Score: 8/10


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