Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldANNE-MARIE’S TORMENT – 17 mins

We fade in on Anne-Marie and Jordynne Grace, ready to do battle in a pro-style matchup.  Anne-Marie takes control right away with a standing crucifix, a wall splash, snap mare, and a sleeper hold that puts her opponent out.  After a successful pin, Anne-Marie decides to press her advantage.  She wakes Jordynne up only to put her right back out with a brutal x-factor.  She goes for her second pin, but a shadowy figure emerges and nails Anne-Marie with a stomp to the back.  It’s Jordynne’s partner, Claudia Del Solis.  She grabs Anne and delivers a brutal piledriver KO. Claudia wakes up Jordynne and they start to destroy Anne together with piledriver, after piledriver, even passing Anne around between each other mid piledriver. They mix in a couple of great tag team submission holds and they also add two powerbombs as an exclamation point on end of this handicapped destruction.

I love this vid, it’s pretty much a far beyond driven match. There are so many piledrivers, it’s outrageous. Anne twitches after the most of the early piledrivers, but after a while she stops, I wish she twitched the whole time, or at the end instead of the beginning, but it’s not a big issue. I had Anne-Marie as my jobber of the year and this performance alone puts her back in the running, as if there was ever a doubt. I have to mention one of the piledrivers in this one, a double piledriver, where Claudia plants Anne, then stands up without letting Anne go to piledriver her again. Not only is this piledriver really awesome, but what makes it worth mentioning is, after the 1st piledriver Anne goes limp and her arms hang free before the 2nd one. That is an amazing thing to see and Jordynne does it again to Anne right after Claudia as well. Also, this is a look back at Jordynne, before her transformation. Jordynne in this vid looks like the perfect jobber and her getting squashed by Anne, wouldn’t have made anyone bat an eye. Now, she looks like a powerhouse, molded from twisted steel, who would be perfect as an over confident jobber or a merciless, dominate heel, which she can sell either to protection. I don’t have a issue with either look, but I am loving the Jordynne of today. Overall, If you guys want to see my personal favorite jobber, selling her ass off, verses two kickass pros, in a far beyond driven style vid? Then you need to see this one.

Overall Score: 9.5/10