Review of Andrea vs Diana – Diana Wins

Review of Hit The Mat Andrea vs Diana – Diana Wins – 6 Mins

AndreaPart 2 of Andrea vs Diana, foxy boxing grudge match! The boxing brawl continues and regard for the rules become less and less. Diana resorts to hitting Andrea while down, low blows, holding and attempting to breast smother in a clinch. Andrea talks trash a little too long and gets met with a punch to the face, eating Diana’s offense. Diana continues to work Andrea over in the corner until she collapses to the canvas, unable to take anymore. Diana Knight proceeds to humiliate her downed foe. Winner = Diana Knight!

This is on those “choose your winner” vids from HTM, a very cool idea. But I chose to forgo the whole first part of the match and just go for the final KO with Diana coming out on top. Works out pretty good too, since this is the second half the action gets going right away. It action is back and forth for most of the vid, until Andrea talks too much and literally gets knocked out for it. Both girl react great the punches and even thought the action mostly back and forth, Andrea ends up on the mats a number of times before the final KO. The final KO wasn’t a total KO, as I hoped it would be, but there is a nice insult to injury that Diana does to Andrea for the finale. Overall, it’s a great boxing match and I really like the pick your winner idea, it gives us a nice freedom to pick what we want to see.

Overall Score: 9/10