Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldANDREA ROSU vs ANNE-MARIE – 20 Mins


In this multi-fall pro-style battle, the beautiful Andrea Rosu takes on the lovely SKW veteran Anne-Marie in an intense battle that ends with one woman standing…and the other out cold on the mats! Here’s the breakdown: (unless otherwise noted, all rounds end with a pin and victory pose) ROUND ONE: the girls locks up and Anne takes Andrea into an arm wringer but Andrea reverses it into a hammerlock, pressing Anne into the wall and unleashing a flurry of belly blows. She continues to dominate via snap mare, body scissors, a leg nelson, and 4 giant skull slams that leave Anne out cold. She goes for a pin but Anne manages to kick out, leading to a sudden stunner and sleeper gold combo from Andrea that put Anne down again. This time Andrea gets the pin…and the win! ROUND TWO: Anne-Marie dominates via a sudden kick to the belly, 3 huge snap mares, hairpulling, belly blows, a wall splash KO, a failed pin, a figure four leglock (that gets reversed for a few seconds only to get re-applied), and a finial swinging neckbreaker KO for the win! ROUND THREE: The girls lock up in a dual bearhug that slowly puts them both out, only to slowly awaken and deliver a dual forearm face blow that leaves both girls down and out for the double KO! FINAL ROUND / TIE BREAKER: Anne-Marie jumps the gun with a sleeper hold that puts Andrea OUT. Anne goes for a Spanish Press pin but Andrea kicks out. An angry Anne-Marie delivers a PILEDRIVER and TOMBSTONE that leave Andrea unconscious and twitching. She goes for the pin but Andrea kicks out AGAIN! Stunned, Anne goes for the hair but Andrea nails a brutal low blow and returns the favor, nailing her first ever PILEDRIVER and TOMBSTONE on Anne-Marie! She goes for a matchbook pin but decides to end the match with some flair, waking Anne up and applying a hangman that turns into a devastating WIDOW’S PEAK finisher!   Anne is OUT, and is easily matchbook pinned (and posed on) by the lovely Andrea.

I could never tell you what exactly it is that makes Anne-Marie so much fun to watch lose, but she again makes this one much better the one would expect. Andrea also helps make this one better, as while she’s in control she has this awesome badass attitude, that just works so great for her. Anne-Marie does what she does best, delivering some more of her continually impressive selling. Andrea does a really great job selling her defeat, as well as Anne is fun and confident while winning, it’s just more impressive the other way around, thankful it’s that way around for most of the video. Both girls look outstanding, Anne’s in a brand new one piece that looks so good on her and Andrea is a patriotic bikini that show off her muscular body so well. Both girls have boots and kneepads on, which is always good for a few extra points from me. The best part of vid however is the ending, Anne comes so close to winning, only to lose in great fashion. Both Anne and Andrea twitch after receiving piledrivers, but Andrea folds Anne up for some sexy pins and a great victory pose. Overall, there’s just nothing better than watching Anne lose and Andrea just make it even better.

Overall Score: 9.5/10