Review of Amo Morbia POV Boxing Beating

Review of Hit The Mat Amo Morbia POV Boxing Beating – 10 Mins

HTMAmo Morbia is back at HTM for some POV Boxing! We find her working out on a punch dummy, and have a pre-fight interview. In the ring her top comes off and the fight is on. “You” give Amo the first few shots, but then start playing dirty with shots to her bare boobs. After working her in the corner, she then goes down with a shot to the crotch! This is a rough match for Amo, as she is beaten down despite trying to fight back. The fight becomes more and more one sided, with Amo being your punching bag. Lots of shots to the breasts, face, belly and a few to the crotch! Tall and powerful Amo is at your mercy until she is knocked on her back and out.

Some more HTM POV boxing here for you guys, this time with the awesome Amo Morbia and finally someone who reels from a punch like Darrius. It takes no time at all to have Amo stumbling all around the ring from your punches, she makes great faces and noises as your rain blows on her. She tries to fight back a bit, but her punches are useless. We also get plenty of knockdowns, as well a few shots in while she’s down. It all end with a nice KO punch as Amo was thinking about getting back up. Amo looks so good laid out and I’m definitely a fan of her almost painted on Jean shorts and high socks. This vid also reaches the 10 mins mark, that coupled with a fine intro makes the whole vid feel complete.

Overall score 9/10