Review of Amai Liu Limped All Day

Review of Addie Juniper MoviesAmai Liu Limped All Day – 23 mins

Pretty, tiny, Asian, Amai Liu, comes back to her hotel room and a man grabs her. He puts his hand over her mouth and she struggles wildly until he puts her out. She falls limply onto the bed. He proceeds to have his way with her body, lifting up her arms and legs and letting them drop and flop. He slowly strips all of her clothes off, piece by piece, playing with her limp body in various stages of undress. He lifts her up, positions her, she is a ragdoll! He pulls her up into a carry, cradle carries and over the shoulder carries her around the room. Her body flops and she is limp. He plops her back down onto the bed and plays with her face. He squeezes her cheeks together and opens her eyes and shuts them. At one point, she wakes up and he puts her out for good with a swift twist of the neck. Now she is his forever to play with whenever he wants.

This is a really nice limp play video, Amai is super tiny and super cute. The video jumps around a little bit with how undressed she is, not really sure why that happened, but it not the worst thing. What’s great is there is a ton of great limp play features. Lots of playing with her hands and arms, lots of playing with her face and checking her eyes. Each eye check shows off her full white eyes and most of those eye checks are really up close. He also plays with her tongue while he’s squishing her face, which is a favorite feature for me. We also get two long carries, once fully clothed and once fully undressed. Amai only get KO’d twice, both reactions are good, rolling her eyes back before going limp. Overall, this one hits all the major points most of us look for in a limp play vid and does them well, not too much focus on feet, but plenty on her hands and face, which I prefer.

Overall Score: 9/10