Review of Alliances

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Alliances – 23 Mins

MadisonIn this epic tale of Alliances, we join our first match already in progress. A double stunner from Madison puts both Becca and LeAnn down on the mats. Madison laughs and brags to Alex, the ref. Madison sets the tag team up for a double Indian Deathlock. Becca pleas with LeAnn not to tap out, but LeAnn can’t take the pain and submits. While Alex raises Madison’s hand and wraps the belt around her waist, a frustrated Becca puts her teammate into a figure four, yelling “I told you not to tap!” Madison adds her own taunting touch by putting a scissors around all four legs, making both girls scream out in pain. Alex just watches, totally loving the mayhem. A week later, Becca has formed an alliance with Madison to go against LeAnn, still angry that she tapped out. Alex is once again the referee. Alex explains that this is a pins only match and the match begins. LeAnn is rightfully nervous, as she is instantly thrown to the mats and dominated with tag team submission holds. LeAnn starts tapping out right away, but this being a pins only match her submission means nothing. The tag team continues to dominate with fake pins and forcing more submissions from LeAnn, all while Alex keeps reminding the screaming LeAnn that submissions don’t count! LeAnn finally begs to be pinned and her pleas are answered as Becca pins her. Alex raises Becca’s hand in victory and puts the belt on her waist, but Becca isn’t done, she puts LeAnn in a camel clutch/smother, telling her “I bet you wish you were still my partner”. Madison looks on from the top turnbuckle as Alex again raises Becca’s hand in victory. Although Madison enjoyed seeing Becca win the belt after pinning LeAnn, she felt that she should have also been given a championship belt. So, she formed an alliance with LeAnn to take on the cocky Becca, Alex is still our referee. Alex explains that whoever gets the most submission within the time limit wins. The new alliance quickly gets to work, flooring Becca right away and the double team submission show begins. The duo have Becca screaming her submission again and again as they use a myriad of creative tag team submissions that rack up the points in their favor. Becca cries to be finished off and eventually gets her wish, but not before a quick boot removal and another creative tag team submission hold. Alex rings the bell as the time limit passes, but LeAnn and Madison are slow to release the hold causing their disqualification. Alex picks up the broken, exhausted and weeping Becca, putting the title around her waist. The DQ’d tag team laugh it off, as they push Alex out of the way and despite her pleas, put Becca in yet another tag team submission. Alex mocks Becca, raising her hand and telling her, “You’re still the winner”. Alex, excited from the domination holds she’s seen, declares that she wants to get in on this so Madison and LeAnn happily teach Alex how to put a figure four on Becca. After successfully locking in the submission hold, this epic tale finally comes to a close as LeAnn and Madison mock Becca for a job well done.

There is quite a crazy story tied to this video, but to simplify things a bit, this is a tale of a lot of very creative and painful tag team submission holds and plenty of ruthless humiliation. I love this story though, its Becca trying to get back at LeAnn for making them lose to Madison, with the help of Madison. Then LeAnn getting back at Becca for kicking her butt with Madison, with the help of Madison, all while Alex just loves watching all the chaos. I don’t know who thought of this storyline, but I got to hand it to ya, it’s something I wouldn’t have ever come up with. As far as the action is concerned, it’s solid all the way around. Lots of very well executed and creative, almost as creative as the story, submission holds. The match rules change as the alliances do, which changes the way the attacking team chooses to humiliate the poor jobber. Lots of humiliation, making hard to submit, or false pins, it’s all great too. Becca and LeAnn are the only two that end up on the losing side, they both sell this perfectly. I wouldn’t have been bad to get Alex mixed in there a little more, although she did eventually. In the end, the moral of the story is clear, if you want to win, you better team with Madison.

Overall Score: 9/10