Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldAGENTS OF DESTRUCTION – 22 Mins

AlisaAlisa and Serenity are two rival agents vying for the same promotion… and the only way to choose the recipient is a last woman standing, multi-round battle!  Serenity and Alisa Kiss deliver some KILLER performances in this amazing clip, which features a lot of great KO tactics, bonuses, and finishers.

This is one is great for some double KOs, body piles and silly reactions. Both Alisa and Serenity sell this one so great, lots of excellent eyerolling and tongue protrusion. Most of the rounds end up with both girls out, although one of them is usually declared the winner of the round before passing out top of the other. We get lots of great KO tactics, blackjacks, chloro, sleepy spray, but my favorite being the rope choke. Alisa starts out in control, but Serenity uses the extra rope to choke Alisa at the same time and they both end up with their tongues out and eyes rolling for a double KO. The only thing better that a regular rope choke out, is a double rope choke. There’s a lot of great scenes and lots of great selling, some twitching and drooling thrown in too.

Overall Score: 9/10