Review of Agent Ragdoll Part 2

Review of Velvets FantasiesAgent Ragdoll Part 2 – 49 mins

We fade in on Agent Velvets discussing the details of a trap designed to snag the man who assumed killed her in AGENT RAGDOLL.  Avery, who also managed to escape him, is still clearly shaken up at just at the thought of him, nervously agrees to Velvets’ plan. Avery’s anxiety gets the best of her and she starts to change her mind. Velvets calms her down, convincing her to get some rest as she escorts her to the bed room. Sleeperkid sneaks in while they’re in the back, armed with a bag of tricks, he pours a drug into Velvets’ drink. He hides as Jacquelyn consumes the tainted beverage, swooning seconds thereafter and falling into a deep sleep on the couch. SK makes his way into the bedroom, startling Avery and causing her to pass out in a dead faint. He proceeds to play with her sleeping limbs and preparing his many KO methods. Avery’s attempts to escape again and again, while commendable, are ultimately fruitless. As SK always catches her and KOs again, just to have her wake up soon and try again. He continues to play with her sleeping body, stripping her down along the way. The maniac injects Avery with a death-simulation serum and waits for Velvets to come. Jacquelyn discovers Avery and assumes the worse, performing CPR to revive her, until our antagonist sneaks in and explains that Avery is in a deep sleep, one that will turn into death unless Agent Velvets applies a sedative he holds in his hand. Velvets demands it, but SK makes a counter-offer, Velvets is to convincingly worship Avery’s sleeping body, feet, and plant soft kisses on Avery’s neck and lips. Velvets does, giving a sensual and sexy performance. The psycho seems satisfied and tosses Velvets the life-saving syringe, but not before telling her that the sexy footage he just captured on his phone will be making her its way to her superiors, thus leading to the end of her illustrious career. A furious Velvets manages to control her sudden rage, channeling it into saving Avery’s life with the antidote. Avery comes to, and both ladies make a break for the bedroom door, when a sudden mist fills the air. The ladies’ eyes start to roll as the gas takes effect, sending them crumpling to the ground in a final body pile.

What a great vid this is, it has everything I want in a sleepy vid, in abundance. Avery plays her role perfectly, with great eye rolling and limp play. I love that she tries to escape so much. Watching her stumble down the hall in her feeble attempts to escape, is amazing. My favorite attempt, however, was her worst try. Avery wakes up, stumbles to the door, but falls just before the door, whacking her head against the door, knocking herself out cold. Also there’s a great long ragdolling scene, where SK twists and turns Avery’s body all over the place, that is just outstand and something that really makes this video that much better. SK makes a perfect psycho, with just the right amount of swagger, creepiness and all the right toys to get the job done. All of your favorite KO methods are included and I mean everything.  Jackie too does her thing, as you would expect, giving us a few of those incredible eyerolls and id forced into giving Avery some loving too. Overall, this is my favorite video of Avery in a sleepy role and a top tier sleepy vid in general. It’s really long, really sexy and must own for any and every Sleep/limp play fan.

Overall Score: 9.9/10