Review of Aftermath of Three Fights

Review of Aftermath of Three Fights

Going to hit you guys this another simple idea from Kayla Obey as she gives us the aftermath of three fights. The 1st one Kayla is awake but nursing her arm. She gets to the couch pretty easily after some recovery time one the floor. She explain that a tiny girl got her to tap to an arm bar. The next one. Kayla is out cold face down and we watch as she comes to and struggles to her feet failing once but soon getting up and gingerly making it to the couch. She explains that a much larger woman slammed her down till she was out cold. The last one and the best one, we see Kayla laid out could again, this time spread eagle on her back. She takes a little while to even move, than slowly turns over to her belly and tries to get up. She fails, falling back to the mat again and again, till finally she barely gets up, wobbles over and falls into the couch. After she gets her senses back she explains that that a huge masked woman knock her out as she tried to run away from her.

This simple 10 min video is a highlight of one of my favorite parts of boxing or wrestling matches and that is watching a weakened contented struggle back to her feet. So i just ate this one up soon as i saw it. Kayla does it perfect too. The scenes are not long or drawn out. Her explanations are brief giving enough detail so that you know exactly what happened to her and she sells it great. That last one, she was so out of it, failing to get to her feet and than wobbling on spaghetti legs to flop into the couch, it was great. I could watch that last one all day! Anyway Kayla takes a simple Idea, one i don’t think I’ve ever seen before and knocks it out of the park.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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