Review of Addie the Spy vs. Paige the Assassin – Part One

Review of Addie Juniper Movies Addie the Spy vs. Paige the Assassin – Part One – 7 Mins

AddiePaige (the assassin) sneaks into an apartment; she’s ready for action. Addie (the topless spy) creeps up behind her and puts the lovely assassin in a choking sleeperhold, knocking her enemy out! Addie lifts up Paige’s shirt and rubs her belly softly, shushing her and bringing her down to the floor. She removes the shirt and rolls Paige’s limp head back and forth in her lap. She stands her up and carries her over her shoulder to a bed. Addie flops Paige down and strips off her jeans. Addie then gets down in between Paige’s legs and pleasures her with inner thigh kisses and such, causing Paige to moan in ecstasy. She puts her ear to Paige’s belly and then kisses it a bit. After she’s had her fun, Addie moves up and straddles her enemy, again rolling her limp head back and forth until, suddenly, she twists it to one side and finishes her! Awww poor defeated assassin!

Simple, short and sexy, that’s what this is. Paige looks great in street clothes, as she sneaks in. Sneaky as she tries to be, she is quickly taken out by Addie, who’s got nothing but panties on. Paige struggles but goes out quickly. Then it’s all sexy limp play for the majority of the video. Paige is striped then we get lots of kissing, feeling up and flopping around of limp limbs. Paige gets unconsciously excited from all the attention she’s getting from Addie, which is really sexy. Then Addie takes the would be assassin out with a quick neck snap and little more loving before she leaves. This vid is just the right size for the content, it leaves you wanting a bit more, but never felt boring or dragged out. There is a part two, but is basically the same general idea with a few changes in the details. Either one is sure to please, as both Addie and Paige are great.

Overall score: 8/10