Review of Abducting Mandy

Review of Evangeline Von WinterAbducting Mandy – 10 mins

Mandy (Jamie Daniels) has arrived home to find her apartment a mess. She also finds a strange guy there. He informs her that he is getting the apartment ready for the bachelor party and that her husband approved of. She flips out, of course and demands that he leaves immediately. Levi doesn’t want to move the party so her renders her unconscious with some handy chloroform and once out of the way he decides to play with her limp limbs. She puts up no resistance and he takes this as his chance to strip her naked. After getting a good look at her naked body he realizes that she would be a much better choice than the stripper, putting a mask on her so that no one will know who she is.

Jamie Daniels is an old favorite of mine, someone who doesn’t do sleepy fetish stuff enough, especially being as good at it as she is. This video is a good Idea of what I mean, it’s simple, but excellently done. There are a couple of good KOs, lots of limp play and she gets 100% stripped down, for her 1st time ever, i believe. Jamie has an awesome body and sells perfectly. Levi is great too, with just the right amount of creepiness and goofiness, he nails is role as well. Overall, it’s great limp play and KOs with a silly little story and great performances from all.

Overall Score: 9/10