Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA SIGHT FOR SAHRYE – 22 mins

We fade in on Sapphire and Sahrye, who’s challenged the SKW champ for the belt. The two Latinas, who talk trash in SPANISH during most of this match up, lock up, with Sahrye taking a sudden lead via knee to the gut and sudden X-Factor KO! She follows up with multiple belly attacks on the champ, adding a snap mare and a pin attempt that fails. Sahrye continues her assault, adding belly splashes and a tight reverse neck scissors that slowly puts Sapphire OUT! Sahrye goes for yet another pin but Sapphire kicks out. The frustrated Sahrye goes for a piledriver, but Sapphire REVERSES it, dropping the rookie onto her skull for a sudden KO. Sapphire goes for the pin, but Sahrye kicks out, enraging the champ. She proceeds to make an example out of the new Latina jobber, taking her apart piece by piece, leading to an amazing squash, and a brutal SKW mat room debut for the lovely Sahrye.

Sapphire is at it again, this time with the lovey Sahrye, who I first saw from Fetcon 2014, is the victim of the SKW Champ. Sahrye starts off strong, but soon Sapphire takes control and totally destroys Sahrye. Sahrye looks amazing and sells just as great. The girls do speak Spanish a lot, so those of us who are still working on learning our first language, miss out on most of the trash talking. However, it’s not too hard to figure out what’s going on. Sapphire, as always is, lots of impressive moves that wreck Sahrye. In the end, after Sapphire’s traditional finishers, Sahrye somehow wakes up, which Sapphire quickly fixes with a shot to her face from her belt, before her victory pose. Overall, Sahrye might have started out strong, but Sapphire again reigns supreme in another great, mostly one-sided affair.

Overall Score: 9.5/10