Review of A Man Can Dream

Review of Velvets FantasiesA Man Can Dream – 32 mins

We fade in on a very angry and shrill Keri, yelling for her employee Scott and then proceeding to berate him for being unforgivably incompetent. Her assistant Laci enters as he continues to get a verbal beat down, but Scott’s mind is somewhere else. As Keri’s words penetrate the air, Scott goes in and out of a daydream state, one where he pictures himself subduing both ladies (in separate scenarios) with a rag soaked in chloroform. His fantasies grow more ambitious as Keri’s voice fades in the background. He now pictures taking both ladies home to his sleepy-fetish obsessed girlfriend, Miss Velvets, watching her play with their limp, lingerie-clad bodies and knocking them out again, taking pleasure in their unconscious limbs as Scott gets a chloroform rag ready for his woman. He puts her out ever so gently, and she even seems to enjoy the sensation of being knocked out. And then there’s Keri’s voice again. And Scott’s back in reality, surrounded by office equipment, two judgmental colleagues, and the sound of Keri telling him he’s fired. Scott turns to leave, smiling a little as he pulls out a prepped chloroform rag. A man can dream, of course. …but dreams don’t hold a candle to the real thing.

Her is a nice sleepy vid Miss Velvets released quite some time ago. The idea behind this is what makes this great. How many of us can relate to such dreams? It nice how Scott keeps coming back to reality, hears he’s still being yelled at and goes right back to daydreaming. In these daydreams, we get to see Keri first put to sleep, with some great reactions and awesome eye checks. I couldn’t wait for Scott to get that dress off of Keri, because Keri has one of my favorite bodies in the business. We also get some nice limp play and foot shots with Keri. Then we have Laci, who gets put through the same treatment, adding a beautiful over the shoulder carry and eye checks with great white eyes. Saving the best daydream segment for last, with Jacquelyn playing the girlfriend, who helps play with and chloro Laci and Keri, till she gets her own dose of chloro, for a great, Velvets classic, white eyes KO. Then, Scott plays will all six limp legs, removing all their heels, to end the video. Overall, beautiful talented girls, great chloro action, plenty of limp play and white eye, and a very relatable story. I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t pick up this, yet another solid Velvets production.

Overall Score: 9.5/10