Review of Sleeperkid’s World A LUCKY REMATCH – 16 Mins

LuckyWe fade in on the lovely Lucky O’Shea complaining about her loss to SK during a match shot at FetishCon. She demands a rematch in the mat room, stating that a hotel room is NO place for a real pro! SK accepts by sneaking up and landing a brutal forearm to Lucky’s back! A rant turns into a one-sided destruction as Sleeperkid proceeds to give Lucky what she wanted…an SKW rematch!

If you don’t know who Lucky or never seen how amazing of a jobber she is, then this is the perfect introductory vid for you. Lucky sells her destruction so perfectly, coming as close to being a ragdoll without totally being out the whole time. I love that barely conscious status almost as much as the totally out, ragdoll status, especially when it so perfectly executed like this. It takes no time for her to become hard to wake up, hard to get her to her feet, and her arms hang limp in a couple of the piledrivers, which is awesome and looks so brutal. Not only that, but she does some really great eyerolling and awesome expressions while she’s tortured in the submission holds. If she only twitched more than once, this video would be a 10/10. I love Lucky, I love how destroyed and weak she was in this vid and I don’t think there’s anything that looks more devastating then the limp piledrivers in this, if only she twitched after.

Overall Score: 9.9/10