Review of A Lucky Limp n Carry – Another Lucky Adventure

Review of A Lucky Limp n Carry – Another Lucky Adventure

Lucky walks up to the ring and sees a sign that says DO NOT DRINK DANGER, with two drinks next to it. Lucky knows Jezabel Romo is always trying to trick her. So, thinking she knows how Jezabel thinks, Lucky takes one of the drinks, thinking Jezabel would surely drug the other and drinks it. Seconds later the drugs kick in and Lucky passes out quick. Jezabel comes around the corner, laughing, saying how she drugged both drinks to make sure she picked the right one. She checks out Lucky to make sure she’s out, than picks her up on her shoulders and carries her around. Jezabel puts Lucky down and Lucky starts to wake but a quick sleeper fixes that. Once out again, Jezabel carries Lucky around some more. When Lucky starts to wake a head scissors fixes Lucky this time. Than a little more carrying, this time in a piledriver position. After that Jezabel starts some kind of sacrifice ceremony. Lucky takes the chance to wake up and attack Jezabel, choking her out with a rope. Giving her a little redemption and a chance to make her get away.

Definitely a lift and carry vid with a few wrestling KOs. Seeing Lucky KO’d is definitely one of my favorite things to see any way i can get it and the carrying scenes puts Lucky’s body on display. I love the sillyness here, from Lucky trying to pick the drink that isn’t drugged, pretty much completely ignoring the sign, to Jezabel trying to sacrifice Lucky, that had me laughing. Didn’t get to see any of Lucky’s great eyerolling which is a bit disappointing. Overall its a great vid for looking at a limp Lucky, which is awesome.

Overall Score: 8/10


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