Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA HEROINE’S VICTORY – 29 mins

We fade in on the lethal Takaiji stalking Alisa Kiss’ home. She’s been paid to kidnap Miss Kiss and stealthily moves across her backyard. We watch as she breaks in and sneaks up behind the lovely blonde on her couch. Takaiji traps Alisa in a sleeper hold and puts her out. She then toys with her victim, waking her up and slamming blows into her belly. She nails a left and right, connecting with Alisa’s jaw and finishing her off with a massive uppercut KO! Takaiji over the shoulder carries the unconscious Alisa out of her home as we fade out, fading back in to Takaiji’s private lair. Takaiji dumps Alisa onto the mats, leaving the room as Alisa comes to. A determined look crosses her face as she starts to twirl, leading to a sudden transformation! Alisa becomes Wonder-Girl as Takaiji walks in. Takaiji seems unimpressed. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know who I really was.” A bemused Wonder-Alisa states. “It doesn’t really matter.” Takaiji states. “It just means more money for me.” Alisa replies with a punch that rocks Takaiji, taking the 6’4 beauty by surprise. Alisa jumps into a piggy back sleeper hold that slowly puts Takaiji down and OUT. She wakes Takaiji up for more punishment, but the kidnapper slams a punch into Alisa’s gut. She traps Alisa in a killer bearhug KO, pressing her advantage a reverse bearhug KO, hairpulling, an over the knee backbreaker pain KO. Takaiji stands Alisa up and prepares to deliver a finishing punch, but Alisa catches it and nails a belly blow of her own. Stunned, Takaiji doubles over as Alisa delivers multiple punches to her face and a snap kick to the jaw that sends her to the mats! Alisa delivers multiple ground punches to the face, knocking Takaiji out with a massive left hook! Alisa smiles and walks away to grab some rope, but Takaiji suddenly grabs her leg and trips her. She mounts and applies a ground bearhug that slowly KOs Alisa. She continues her assault, waking Wonder-Girl up and applying yet another bearhug that puts the blonde superheroine to sleep. Takaiji continues her torment, KOing Alisa with a double handed throat choke/lift, a double hand over mouth smother KO, some ragdolling, multiple jumping belly splashes, and a sleeper hold, one that Alisa manages to reverse with a face rake. Takaiji falls back in pain as Alisa stands and traps her in a figure four leglock! The pain knocks Takaiji out and Alisa continues her assault, trapping Takaiji in a camel clutch pain KO, followed by a running wall splash that Takaiji ducks. Alisa slams into the wall and Takaiji responds with a double handed chokeout, a surfboard pain KO, two single leg boston crabs, a hangman KO, and another killer bearhug KO. Takaiji looks down at her fallen opponent and goes for a murderous coup de grace with her boot, but the powerful Wonder-Girl CATCHES it, twisting and tripping Takaiji! The stunned giant hits the mats as Alisa runs behind her, slapping on a brutal sleeper hold that slowly puts her out! Takaiji’s eyes roll as she slowly succumbs, going limp in Alisa’s grip. Alisa smiles, using her magic lasso to bind Takaiji and render her powerless. She sits her up, tells her that this was all a game and she was only playing with her. Then delivers a final and decisive punch to the jaw that instantly puts Takaiji’s lights out! Satisfied, Alisa leaves the room in order to report the captured villain to the police.

It’s not often that I start a review talking about the outfits, but it’s not often we get a costume like Alisa’s. Her Wonder Woman costume is out of this world! I would be almost just as excited if she just stood in the middle of mat room and didn’t do a thing. Luckily, that isn’t the case here, as we’re also get a really fun video. For the most part, it’s Alisa on the losing end, which is great, because she’s a great jobber. She keeps fighting back, however, showing off her power, catching Takaiji of guard and even getting a few KOs on her. I got to say, for someone who isn’t your typical jobber, Takaiji does a pretty great job selling in this. Eventually, Alisa puts an end to this silly cat and mouse game, knocking out Takaiji for good and letting her know that all this was just a silly game and Takaiji never really had a chance. Overall, I’m really happy that this wasn’t one-sided, with Alisa dominating, it was much more fun to see a back and forth battle and even better with Alisa wearing this amazing Wonder Woman costume. Just seeing her perform in that, is totally worth the price of admission.

Overall Score: 9.5/10