Review of A FAMILY’S FEUD: part three

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA FAMILY’S FEUD: part three – 18 mins

We fade in on Fantasy and Ellena, boasting to the camera that they both successfully beat Jordynne Grace (in parts 1 and 2) by cheating, a plan that had been in place for days before the matches were scheduled to take place! Right on cue, an enraged Jordynne runs in, clobbering both ladies to the ground and starting a wave of destruction and vengeance that she very richly deserves. Jordynne hands out a beating we, especally Fantasy and Ellana, will never forget, a fitting end to this awesome trilogy!

This is the one I’ve been waiting for, I knew that Jordynne was not going to let Fantasy and Ellana get away with sneak attacking her. This time is her sneaking up on them and she unleashes all that built up anger she’s got. The tag team never stood a change. Jordynne gets ever bit of revenges she desevers, tossing the both of them around at will, using her pro skills to KO them over and over. The mother, daughter team are dress in some really cool Captain America outfits and they both sell pretty great. Fantasy of course the better of the two, but Ellana gets a little more comfortable ever time she comes back, she even said a few words this time. I hope to see her again soon, and hope she keeps getting better. Once we get some personality out of her, she really could an incredible jobber. Overall, I waited for this one, hyped it up in my own and this one still came through, reaching all my expectations. A great end to the trilogy indeed.

Overall Score: 9.5/10