Review of A FAMILY’S FEUD: part one

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA FAMILY’S FEUD: part one – 17 mins

We fade in on Jordynne Grace issuing an open challenge to anyone at SKW, which leads to a sudden chloroform sneak attack from Fantasy’s daughter, Ellena. The soaked cloth slowly renders Jordynne unconscious, with Ellena ready to make her name at SKW.  Instead of going for a pin, however, Ellena foolishly preps Jordynne for a piledriver, one that Miss Grace quickly reverses. She drops down, knocking the tiny Ellena out cold.  Fueled by rage, Jordynne decides to wipe the mats with the little rookie, using every piledriver known to man, adding humiliating pins and a few submission holds in between the piledrivers. In the end, even after Jordynne pinned Ellena, she drags her back to her feet for a massive powerbomb and a foot on the face pin. During the final victory pose, we see Fantasy emerge from the shadows. She grabs Jordynne’s hair and slams her back onto the mat, only to drag her up nail a brutal piledriver.  Jordynne twitches on the mats, out cold, as Fantasy rolls her over and drags Ellena on top of her for an unofficial pin. Fantasy tells SK that she demands a match vs Jordynne, for revenge. SK promises to grant her demands.

Not only was this vid really great, but it also has me really excited for what’s going to happen next. This is another video that turns out to be a far beyond driven style match. There are tons and tons of piledrivers for poor Ellena, but just as many humiliating pin where Jordynne folds her up like a pretzel, which I cannot get enough of. Also this vid great set up, with a successful run it, but Ellena gets easily over powered then dominated, only to have Fantasy come in and take out Jordynne, as well as, issue a challenge to Jordynne. The whole thing works great. Ellena looks a little lighter than she did the last time we saw here and I think I like her even more now. She sells really good too, even giving us a little twitching after the last piledriver and I could never tire of seeing her folded up in all those pins. Jordynne is not only the perfect heel, but also over sells her piledriver, with lots of twitching, like the pro that she is. Overall, I love this vid, but I am super excited for the next vid. Something tells me, it’s not going to be good for Fantasy and Ellena. Can’t wait to find out.

Overall Score: 9.5/10