Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA DOUBLE DOSE OF SUPER-ANNE – 34.5 + 6.5 = 41 mins

We fade in on Super-Anne making quick work out of her nemesis, The Shadow, played by Cassidy, knocking her out with a few punches. Later, The Shadow is hog-tied on a couch while Anne calls the cops to pick her up. Months later, Anne gets a phone call from the Governor stating that the Shadow managed to escape from prison. She quickly makes her way to The Shadow’s lair, only to find that her enemy’s been waiting for her with a huge chunk of kryptonite. Anne is quickly Stripped of her powers, then Super-Anne is utterly destroyed by The Shadow via a tons of knockout moves. Topped off, Super Anne ends up KO’d in the Shadow’s shower.

2nd clips is a couple of short scenes where Super Anne get hypnotized by a trap from Bat Alex. Than, a chloro battle. followed by a fight, that Super Anne wins, but than is attacked again by Alex and taken out.

What an epic beatdown this is. First, I love how we see Anne easily taking out Cassidy. So, it gives us the idea that she’ll have no problem when she goes to capture Cassidy again and I guess that’s what Anne was thinking. However, Cassidy wad ready for her and totally destroys Anne, knocking her out again and again. Anne’s tongue is sticking out a lot as her eye cross and even a little twitching and drooling, for most of her KOs. Than just to make things even better, Cassidy takes her to the shower for a few more KOs. I absolutely love this vid, Some awesome selling from the amazing Anne-Marie.

The 2nd vid is completely and totally blown away by the 1st one vid. There’s nothing really wrong with it, it’s just very normal and next to the amazing 1st vid, the other vid doesn’t feel like much, it doesn’t add enough to make it feel like it belongs along side the 1st. Overall, the main video is absolutely awesome, so good, that is over shadows the 2nd vid into almost non existence.

Overall Score: 9.5/10