Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA DOUBLE DOSE OF SQUEEZE – 25 Mins


CLIP ONE: We fade in on Julie bribing the lovely Kira, who’s been hired by SK to referee her upcoming match against Cameron.  Turns out Julie’s a bit nervous about the match and wants a little help should the need for it arise.   We then fade to the beginning of said match, one that Julie takes charge off with a sudden choke / sleeper hold!  A stunned Cameron fades into unconsciousness and Julie goes for the pin, but Cameron manages to kick out.  Cameron turns the tide with some belly blows, a snap mare, and her own sleeper…but she decides to extend Julie’s pain before she can go out.  She applies a kneeling surfboard but Julie reverses it into a neckscissors.  Cameron powers out and gains control via belly punches and a sudden stunner that knocks Julie OUT! Cameron goes for the pin but Kira takes her time with the count, leading to a kickout that pisses Cameron off.  She verbally attacks Kira which then allows Julie a chance to trap her from behind.  Kira’s betrayal becomes evident as she attacks Cameron with belly punches.  The two take turns beating Cameron down until a clothesline misses and the powerful blonde takes them down with her very own!   Enraged, Cameron goes to town on her opponents, teaching them a very powerful lesson:  if you’re gonna take Cameron on…you need to bring an army! CLIP TWO: Starring Kira, Gwen, Cameron, Julie Squeeze, and Sumiko as rival agents taking turns “eliminating” each other in a series of KO/sentry segments!!!

This is another review brought to you by request. This is a nice two part release, as both parts of this one could have been nice standalone releases, although the sentry vid might be a little short. My favorite one of the two and the main one, in my opinion, is the one where Julie and Kira lost to Cameron. Julie’s getting beaten pretty much the whole time, then Kira tries to help, but fails. I love vids where the 2 girls take on 1 and the one girls beats them both up. The sentry vid is a simple as it sounds. Each girl gets a turn at being the attacker and the last one also gets KO’s so we get a shot of all the girls KO’d. Since this release is about Julie, I will add that she looks great and sells great in both vid, but also all the girls do just fine as well. A good classic release, nothing too crazy good about it, but nothing wrong with it either. Worth it if you’re a big fan of Julie, Cameron or Kira, as they are all in both vids.

Overall Score: 8/10