Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA DOUBLE DOSE OF SLOAN – 15 + 10 = 25 mins

MATCH # 1:  Ivy vs Fayth On Fire

We fade in on both Fayth and Ivy prepping for their match and soon the girls go at it, locking up. Fayth takes an early advantage with a sleeper hold KO, and a pin to win the first round. ROUND 2: Ivy connects with an upside down neckscissors that turns into a side neckscissors, followed by some cartwheel splashes that eventually knock Fayth out. ROUND 3: Fayth starts off with some belly punches and a brutal piledriver for the pin. ROUND 4: Ivy goes for a kick, but Fayth catches it, Ivy follows with a brutal enzuigirl kick to the face that sends faith to the mats.  A figure four neck scissors follows that KOs Fayth. Ivy isn’t done yet, dragging Fayth into position for her world-famous chair splash Fayth is out cold. ROUND 5: Fayth starts off strong, grabbing Ivy and setting her up for a tombstone piledriver, but Ivy locks her thighs around Fayth’s neck squeezing her out cold. This leads to Fayth landing the piledriver, knocking Ivy out and collapsing on top of her for a double KO. ROUND 6: The tie breaker round starts with Ivy nailing an effective DDT. Ivy gets to the chair and sets Fayth up for a spinning DDT, but Fayth cuts her off with several body blows. Fayth scoops Ivy up for a brutal powerbomb. The exhausted Fayth goes for the matchbook pin and the win.

MATCH # 2:  Ivy vs Anne-Marie

We fade in on Anne-Marie cutting a promo that gets cut off when Ivy attacks from behind.  The blonde badass throws Anne into the wall, working her gut over with punches and knees, followed by a monkey flip. Ivy then folds Anne up in a way that leaves her trapped in her own body.  Anne is soon set free and Ivy continues her assault.  She attacks with a camel clutch, head slams to the mat, and an off the chair spinning DDT, followed by a pin that leads to a last second kickout. Ivy traps Anne in a headlock but her Anne peppers her belly with punches, landing a sudden stunner KO that gives Anne enough time to recover!  Anne nails a follow up splash and goes for the pin but Ivy bridges out of it, Anne belly slaps Ivy countering the bridge. Anne goes for a head slam into the chair, but Ivy reverses it, slamming Anne’s skull into it instead. Ivy follows up with a body slam and her famous chair splash, Anne takes the full brunt of Ivy’s weight and passes out. Ivy goes for the pin, securing her the win.

Ivy vs Fayth is your normal back and forth multi-fall match, which I love, because of KOs and pins. Ivy and Fayth are both really great sellers. They deliver perfect moves on each other and the bikinis, boots and knee pads are very much to my liking. Anne vs Ivy, is pretty much a squash. Anne is a top notch seller and it’s always really great to watch her get taken down. So, really great KOs in this one and this is my favorite of the two. When I heard the title of this I was hoping that Ivy got destroyed in both clips, which isn’t asking too much, I think, but at least she lost one and when she did win, she beat Anne, who’s a better jobber anyway. Overall, both matches are solid, well done and action packed. Great selling in both vids, from all involved and this is a great choice for all Ivy fans.

Overall Score: 8.5/10