Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA DOUBLE DOSE OF HEROINE – 15 + 14 = 29 mins

In the 1st of this 2 video release, Sumiko plays a hapless “ninja” whose only job is to take out Supergirl (Alisa Kiss). A task that proves impossible as her attacks are ineffective, than repeatedly reversed. Time and time again, Sumiko attempts to subdue everyone’s favorite superheroine, only to end up being KO herself, then only to fade into another fruitless attempt.

In vid 2 or 2, we see two thieves, played by Sumiko and Devon, celebrating their most recent theft.  Suddenly, Supergirl, played by Ivy Sloan, appears, grabbing the criminals by the hair, in attempt to punish them for their actions. She conks the two girls’ heads together, knocking them out cold.  She then proceeds to work them over, with a few easy KOs. Curious, Super-Ivy inspects the robbers’ loot, only to find a piece of kryptonite hidden inside the cash. Ivy weakens and tries to crawl away, but the crystal overcomes her consciousness. Her eyes roll as she slowly passes out, giving the baddies enough time to come to. Turns out the whole thing was a trap and these evil ladies can’t wait to make a name for themselves by defeating the world’s most beloved heroine. They remove her cape and boots, preparing her for a night of KO humiliation They take turns punching the powerless Ivy in the gut, only to knock her out with a double uppercut. They have their fun with the superheroine with a bunch of double team KOs. A final tombstone piledriver KO that leaves Super-Ivy down and out. The evil ladies leave the shard of kryptonite tucked between Ivy’s crossed arms to make sure she stays out as they make their way out.

Alisa’s and Sumiko’s is my favorite of the two videos here. They both are really good vids, but Sumiko trying to take to out Supergirl Alisa, only to fail every single time and end up KO’d herself is really funny. Sumiko tries so hard and every time she’s shocked that her attacks don’t work. Alisa is so unaffected by Sumiko’s attack that she doesn’t even notice she’s being attacked at first. Then as soon as she does, she takes out Sumiko with ease. It’s perfectly done with Sumiko selling her best as always and Alisa being the overconfident superheroine, this time it doesn’t come back to bite her. It’s a great change of pace to the sentry style videos, we all know and love and something I would love to see more of.

Ivy’s vid, as I said before, is also great, Ivy is the overconfident superheroine this time. Things start out great for Ivy and you think she’s got it all under control, but this time kryptonite gets involved and everything goes quickly downhill for Ivy. This was exactly what I wanted to happen as every time I see Ivy, I want to see her losing and even though I would normally want Sumiko to lose too, but I just had Sumiko destroyed in the previous vid. Again we have good selling from all. Sumiko and Devon do great at the start and Ivy is perfect as well in the end. It’s also great that she got striped of most of her costume, never going to catch me complaining about less clothing.

Overall, I really enjoyed both vids. We get some great superheroine dominance with Alisa’s vid and some superheroine demise with Ivy’s. The vids are pretty equal in quality, length and content, so, it’s nice that they are being sold together. There are great, beautiful jobbers in both vids, so, you really can’t lose getting this one.

Overall Score: 9/10