Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA DOUBLE DOSE OF BAUNFIRE – 18 + 14 = 32 mins

In this one we got two separate vids with the same overall result and that’s Baunfire being a dominate heel.

In the first vid, the tag team of Jade and Remi get the drop on Baunfire, trapping her in a sleeper/belly punch attack.  They drop her to the ground with a silly high school style trick. They perform a leg stretch, land multiple splashes, and even put her out with a body scissors/sleeper hold combo! They go for a double pin, but Baunfire kicks out.  Stunned, the ladies try something else, with Remi attempting a piledriver.  Baunfire reverses it and uses Remi’s body to flatten Jade against the wall. The KO’d brunette drops as Baunfire crushes Remi with a reverse piledriver. After a short recovery period, Baunfire makes her way to her feet and proceeds to teach these girls a powerful lesson, one that ends with a brutal set of piledriver KOs and a humiliating victory pose.

Vid number 2 is a highlights vid where we get to see the highlights of Baunfire totally dominating Alisa Kiss, Roni Jonah, and Hellena Heavenly. Some of the destruction witnessed in this are, massive one on three body splash, triple bearhug, multiple leg drops, multiple right hook boxing glove KOs and of course ending with multiple pins and a victory pose.

The Jade and Remi match is my favorite one here. I was going to say, easily my favorite, but that’s not true. There are a lot great things that happen in both vids. I like the Jade and Remi vid more mainly because both these girls sell their destruction so well, with great eyerolling, some twitching and their overall exhaustion near the end. Also, the ending is outstanding, after 4 piledrivers total, Baunfire pins the both separately, than folds them both up for her victory pose, literally making a KO’d pretzel out of Jade and folding Remi into a ball. One of the best, most humiliating victory poses ever.

This highlights vid, is a KOs storm, which is one of the best things about all highlights vids. In this one Alisa is my stand out favorite, her selling and her look, with the bikini and pink boots, just had me focused on her the whole clip. Roni Jonah also did a really great job, with some solid selling and look great too. I loved the boxing part the most and the body splashes, as well as body piles and the pins at the end. No matter what, it’s always great to see 3 girls getting totally dominated by one awesome, powerful heel.

Overall, if you like multiple talented jobbers getting repeatedly KO’s by a bad ass heel, than you easily love both of these clips.

Overall Score: 9/10