Review of A Deep Slumber

Review of A Deep Slumber – 11 mins

We fade in on Kayla reading on the couch, when she dozes off. Her boyfriend walks in and starts playing with her face. This eventually wakes Kayla, but a little chloroform puts her right back out. Now that she can’t wake up, he plays with her legs, than picks her up and toss her body back and forth trying to make her dance. After that he carries her around, soon sitting in a nearby chair. There, he plays with her head and neck, also unzipping her top just enough to taunt us. He picks her up again ready to carry her off again as this one fades out.

Again Kayla plays the perfect limp toy for her boyfriend with another simple idea, made great. I love the limp dancing. Its really sexy to see Kayla just flopping around while he tries to make her dance. Also the teasing zipper is really nice. He pulls down the zipper on her shirt, showing off lots of cleavage, but nothing more. Overall, another simple, perfect limp play vid from the amazing Kayla Obey.

Overall Score: 8.5/10